Monday, February 28, 2011

Space Pug Training!

Hello Everyone! Big developments have taken place in the last week that I MUST tell you about! After posting my last blog I received a comment from another fellow pug who informed me that there is a much bigger place outside of the backyard called SPACE (I’m not sure what that is...but it sounds like a really big backyard!) His name is Mr. Bean and he is a genuine certified Space Pug!!! Well, after learning about Space I decided that if Mr. Bean could be a Space Pug then maybe I should give it a shot. seemed like a good idea at the time.
Before beginning my space adventure I decided I needed to learn a little about this place called Space. I didn't know much about it. Last year I chewed the eyes off an alien costume my mommy got me for Halloween, but other than that I did not have much experience. So I decided to learn a little about Space and so I turned on the tv to see If I could find any information about becoming a Space Pug.

I did not see much about becoming a Space Pug, but I did learn that if I wanted to get to Space I was going to need a.....SPACE SHIP!!!! It was time to find my Ship. Hmm....where would a Pug find a Space Ship? After searching my house I finally came upon something perfect....something a Space Ship!!! It was time to hop in and try it out. How hard could it be?

Well, I determined I did not quite fit into the Space Ship like I had hoped. I guess I've been stealing too many chips when my Daddy isn’t looking...I mean...uh...I don’t steal chips!
After the Space Ship did not work out I decided it was time to suit up and get out there and explore! So I ran some laps up and down the stairs to warm up my beastly Pug muscles, strapped on my collar, and then....had to put on my stupid pink leash that my Daddy bought. A Manly Pug like me can't afford to be seen in a pink leash! Come on! But for now it would have to do. I had more pressing matters to attend to.
I stepped outside. I looked across the backyard and suddenly a terrifying idea popped into my head....if I had an Alien costume, then there must be real Aliens! How could I have forgotten? It was too late to turn back now so I had to continue onward and brave whatever obstacles I might encounter. A brave Pug like me can handle anything......right?
As I continued on my journey I came across a mysterious space trail filled with space rocks. These must have been put here by aliens.

I was thinking to myself, "Boy, I could really use a certified Space Pug here right now". However, I was on my own so I decided to brave the elements and travel the Space Rock trail. As I came to the end of the Space Rock Trail I came to another startling development. The Aliens had already set up tracking devices to monitor us! How could this be? What did these devices do? I decided it was probably best if I didn't stick around to find out so I got out of there quick.
As I ran I came across another Alien Satellite Dish! They Aliens had gained control of everywhere I ran to!

I turned and ran away from the Satellite and then suddenly I froze.....I was standing face to face with an ALIEN!!! It was a huge creature with hundreds of arms and skin that made it blend in with its surroundings. As much as I wanted to turn and run I couldn't. I had come this far and I couldn't turn back now. If I wanted to become a certified Space Pug I had to be brave and battle the Alien! I crept slowly towards the Alien so I would not hear me coming. As I crept closer I wondered how I could defeat this monstrous creature. I didn't know what I was going to do, but a Space Pug doesn't turn back! I charged and suddenly I was inside the creatures arms!

It had me in it's clutches! This wasn't part of the plan! I turned and ran as fast as I could away from the Alien, past the Alien Satellite and Tracking device, over the Space Rock Trail, back through the back door of my house and hid in the first place I could find.

Well, that was how my Space Pug adventure went. I'm never going out without a certified Space Pug with me again! It's too scary! For now, I'm going to do what I do best...curl up with my Mommy and Daddy and take a loooooong Pug Nap. Whew....what a day!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Close Encounters of the Pug Kind!!!

Hello Everyone! Strange things have been happening the past few days.  Where do I even begin? Well, there was the move to the new house, my new hiding place, the big bed I'm convinced my mommy and daddy are building just for me, that strange man that came in with the tools, and the GIANT dog bowl I cant figure out how to get into. Okay, okay, okay....You're probably wondering what in the world I'm talking about. Well, I'll start from the beggining.

A Long, Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far -.....wait...wrong story. 

Anyways, it all started a couple weeks ago when I noticed my Mommy putting all the stuff in my old room into these boxes. I didn't think much of it at the time, but then I noticed that things started to dissapear from where they normally were. All this began a few months after I noticed my Mommy's tummy was starting to grow and sometimes it even moved like she was hiding a squirrel under her shirt...or maybe a chipmunk or some other small animal. Maybe this explains my Mommy and Daddy's strange behavior from the other night....

This was puzzling. But when you're a brave Pug like me you dont let these things bother you. I'm like Rambo....or Pug-bo! Watch out Stalone! GRRRR!!!  Days went by and more things were missing. Boxes were piled up almost to the ceiling! One day I was minding my own Pug-business when my Daddy came to my house with the biggest truck I've ever seen.  It looked like this :

Yeah...pretty big, right?  So he pulls up with this truck and I see my Daddy and Mr. Jim start taking my stuff out of my room and putting it in this truck. Why were they doing this? It was a mystery that only an expert Pug Detective like Sherlock Gus could solve!

Well, I'd like to say I solved the mystery, but I didn't...I couldn't sniff it out! I guess it's because I have a flat nose and not one of those big long noses other dogs have. My mommy came to our house later and picked me up and took me to.......a new home!!! (que dramatic music) *bum Bum BUM!!!!!

This new home was not as big as my old home, but as long as my Mommy was living in it I was happy. It has a living room, stairs that I run up and down everyday (how else do you think I keep this pug figure?), two bedrooms and a very interesting room people go potty in. I've never figured out why humans go potty in these rooms. What's wrong with a perfectly good bush? The only downside was this new home of mine had a very cold kitchen floor that I don't like to walk on. I eventually sweet talked my Daddy enough to the point where he moved my food and water bowls upstairs.

That brings me to the next part of the story. My new hiding place!

What's more fun than a game of hide and seek? This pug is the ultimate hide and seek champion. As I explored my new home I discovered that there were not as many hiding places as my old home so I had to make due with what I had. After much diliberation I finally decided to hide in the cave under the bed.  Next time I run away from Mommy and Daddy......They'll never find me here!

A few days later when my Mommy went to wherever people go and make that green stuff that buys my food. While I was lounging up in the bed I heard my Mommy ask Daddy to put together the bed. I wondered what that meant because I was already laying in the bed and I hadn't seen another bed in the new home. After she left my Daddy opened up a big box and started trying to put together this big bed with bars on it. Later Mommy came home and helped him finish building it. I wondered why they were building this big bed when suddenly it hit me....They were building me a king sized Pug Bed!!!! Of course! I knew I was Mommy's little king! They finally finished building it today when my Mama-B came over. I still haven't gotten to sleep in it yet...but i bet I will get to sleep in it soon. This is what the new bed looks like:

Jealous? You should be. I know its for me because it doesn't look like a big person can sleep in it. You'd have to be a little a baby... and I'm the only baby that is going to be sleeping in it.....wait...I am the only baby, right?

That brings us to today. Two very interesting things happened today. The first was that a big scary man with a big bag of tools came over today and was messing with the walls and that box that Mommy and Daddy stare at a lot and change the pictures on it with some sort of magic clicky thing. Im not sure what the picture box is, but I know that sometimes I hear dogs inside of it. I better be a good Pug because I dont think I want to go in the picture box with the other dogs. Anyways, the big scary man came and my Daddy put me up in my crate, which i HATE!! Why would anyone want to cage up a handsome Pug like me? I guess the big scary man couldn't handle me being downstairs. He would have probably been star-struck by my magnificance. It happens to some people. I guess that's just part of the job. Anyways, i'm not sure what the big scary man did while he was here, but now Mommy and Daddy watch the picture box a lot more.

That brings us to the second thing that happened today. The Giant Doggy Bowl! Remember the very interesting "people potty room" i mentioned earlier? Well I went in there and took a good look around for the first time and there in front of me was the biggest white doggy bowl I had ever seen! It even had a lid on it and a switch to flush away old water to have fresh water every day! How amazing is that? I moved in for a closer look at the bowl when I discovered something...I was too short to get into the bowl to drink the water! I tried jumping up into it, but I couldn't make it.  No worries though, I am determined to get into the bowl.  I know its possible because my Mommy watched a video of a Pug like me inside a bowl...he couldn't get out though because he was stuck. I hope I don't get stuck in the bowl when I figure out how to get in it!

What an adventure this past few days has been. Exciting stuff right? Well, that's all for right now. Tune in next time for more of my adventures. Same Pug-time, same Pug-channel!  That's all for this addition of .....The Pug Diaries!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hello World! I'm Gus!!

Hi! My name is Gus the Pug! You may also know me as Gus Pug, Gussy, Mr. Precious, Mr Presh, Mr. Moo, Chunky Monkey Moo, among other awesome names my Mommy gives me. I also have a large variety of theme songs that my family sings to me because I'm so special. They're probably gonna be number one songs one day.

I love to play with my toys like Big Red, Little Red and Mr. Moosey. I also love to eat chicken, hamburger, cheese....and really anything I can get in my mouth! I'm very loving. Watch out though! Pick me up and i'll give you lots of kisses and pug sugar. I also like stretching out and sleeping on my bed. Sometimes I may let my mommy and daddy sleep in my bed if I feel like it. They are kind of big though. A pug's gotta stretch out!

My family treats me like a king....which i obviously am! I love my Mommy, Daddy, my Mama-B, Niki, and Mr. Jim (though he shakes his finger at me a lot!). Life is good for this Pug so I thought I'd share my adventures with the world. So laides and gentleman, kick back, relax, and take off your collars because this is....THE PUG DIARIES!!!